Outflow serves homeless and low-income Saint Johners

Outflow is a Christian Ministry in Saint John that serves homeless and low-income people. They host community suppers, volunteer at an area shelter, and do outreach work in the community. In this video, Jayme Hall speaks with the people Outflow serves to learn more about their lives and the positive impact of Outlow’s work. To learn more about Outflow, visit its web site.


4 thoughts on “Outflow serves homeless and low-income Saint Johners

  1. Mark, thanks for sharing this.
    I wondered where outflow went after it left Waterloo Street. Is it now in lower South, at the Vineyard church on Carmarthen? I can’t tell from the video, but it seems like OutFlow is a shelter now, is that correct?
    Who made the video?

    Thanks again for the information. I’ll retweet.


  2. Thanks for the retweet Judith. This video has touched a lot of people since I posted it yesterday. Jayme Hall from Outflow shot this video. I just reposted it. It’s on Outlflow’s web site: http://outflowministry.ca/index.html

    They are still looking for a new location since they shut down the Waterloo location last year. They host community suppers at places like the Vineyard and Grace Presbyterian Church on Coburg. Jayme also does outreach work with homeless and low-income earners in the city centre. They don’t operate a shelter, though they are involved in shelter initiatives like the Out of the Cold shelter. For more info on this, see the video and article posted here: https://sjhomelessness.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/shelter-provides-welcome-respite-from-cold-winter-night/

    Thanks again for your interest Judith – Mark


  3. I just watched the video and again it brings a well of emotions to the forefront of my being. I pray that noone has to live like that


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