Men’s cold weather shelter seeks volunteers

Last winter, a group of dedicated volunteers opened the “Out of the Cold” shelter for homeless men. Over the course of three months, 30 men were given a warm place to sleep and some hot food in a friendly and supportive environment. The group is making plans to open again this winter. Please join us for an initial planning meeting Thursday, November 3, at 10 am at Grace Presbyterian Church, 101 Coburg St. There are many ways, big and small, for getting involved in this project. If you’d like to become involved but can’t make the meeting, please let us know. For more information, contact Mark Leger, coordinator, Greater Saint John Homelessness Steering Committee. Phone: 636-8541. E-mail:


One thought on “Men’s cold weather shelter seeks volunteers

  1. Going to try to make it to this. Homelessness is something that I feel very passionate about! Oh! Would I EVER love to be a street nurse! Think we’ll ever have one here in Saint John? Could do so much in the way of harm reduction!


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