Homelessness has become a major problem across Canada.  It is estimated that at least 200,000 Canadians access homeless emergency services or sleep outside in a given year.  Fortunately, as we work to address homelessness here in our city, we are able to learn from the many organizations that are working to address homelessness in other cities across the country.

Below are links to some Toolkits that some of these organizations have made to share what they’ve learned:

Canadian Housing First Toolkit– The toolkit was developed to assist other Canadian communities that are interested in adopting the Housing First approach. Primarily based on the experiences of the At Home/Chez Soi project, we have assembled tools and resources that are practical and user-friendly for groups and communities interested in the Housing First approach.

Eva’s Phoenix Toolkit– This toolkit was developed for groups and communities across Canada that are concerned about homeless and at-risk youth and how to help them to integrate into society and permanently move out of homelessness. Although the kit is based on the experiences of Eva’s Phoenix, it was created with flexibility and adaptability in mind – groups can use it to help guide and inform their own work as they respond to the unique needs and opportunities in their own communities.

Eva’s Family Reconnect Program– The Reconnect Toolkit has been developed for groups and communities across the country interested in exploring early intervention and prevention as methods of responding to homeless and at risk youth. The Toolkit is based on Eva’s Family Reconnect Program and was created to inform program development and broad community responses.

Youth Action to Reduce Drug Use (YARD) projectThis toolkit is based on Eva’s Youth Action to Reduce Drug Use (YARD) project, a three year pilot project that incorporates peer training and development with stress management, recreation and health education. The program funded by Health Canada’s Drug Strategy Community Initiatives Fund, has an extensive evaluation plan and clear indicators of success. Early results show that this innovative program has increased youth engagement within the shelter and youth have adopted the program as their own.


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